What is causing this scrambled audio?

I recently purchased a popular $35 antenna on Amazon. It is attic mounted.
I get dozens and dozens of channels with excellent signal strength in the Fort Worth, TX area. The antenna is connected to my Tablo Duo with a 50ft. coax cable (new). Tablo is wired to the network.

(You will need to turn up your audio. Sorry for the low volume (wife was sleeping). It’s like a digitized trickling water sound.)

Twice, in less than one week of ownership, I’ve had this strange audio issue. It messed up my entire Survivor recording from last night. I also heard it the very first time I fired up the Tablo, live (I forget which channel, maybe CBS) on a Roku3 (wifi). Last night it happened again (CBS/recording) on my Roku Ultra (wired). But just before bed I fired up live TV on CBS and there was no such audio issue.

Do I have a reception issue?

Very odd… we’d like to take a peek! Will send you a PM shortly with next steps.

Well, very cool. I appreciate it.

To fill in the gaps…



-Purchased @ BB, installed on Sunday Feb. 9.
-Tablo connected to network switch with included ethernet cable.
-Roku 3 (four-ish year old model) via wifi to an Asus router (audio issue day1).
-Roku Ultra via cat5e to same network switch (audio issue day 4).

Both times the channels have cleared up after. shrug Also, I haven’t used this a lot. Total view time is probably only an hour or so. So it’s difficult to tell how often this is happening at this point. Very little time data. I believe I updated the firmware day 1.

All items were installed on Feb. 9. I have never used this antenna with anything other than the Tablo. Antenna has never been tested when connected directly to a TV.

On the Ultra, we’ve had audio anomalies if the sound on the Roku is set to “Leveling” or “Night Mode”. Turning that setting back to normal and then re-enabling it, fixes the audio.
Hit the Option (*) button on the Roku while something is playing back and see what it says.

Thanks for the tip, yardbird. I don’t think it’s a Roku thing, however. I played the recording back in my browser through the my.tablo web app and the audio is the same (messed up).

Okay. Time to swallow my pride and reveal what I think my problem was.

I started from scratch, reviewing my setup, going over everything - every connection. After all my research and prep, I mounted my antenna facing approximately 180º in the wrong direction. :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:

During the FOX NASCAR broadcast on Sunday, I was getting pixels and audio cutouts every 20 seconds or so. After realizing this antenna issue, I went into the attic and swung the antenna around 90º+ (there is a stud in the way, keeping me from swinging it 180º). The rest of the broadcast was glitch free.

I’ll assume this will cure the random, seldom audio issue I was having, because the broadcast I was viewing cleared up in real time.

Thank you to Tablo for reaching out to me. I shared this information with them via Direct Message so they are aware and can even help people out in the future who may have made this same silly mistake.

All the prep and patience in the world and I guess sometimes these silly mistakes still happen. Thanks, everyone.