What is causing this scrambled audio?

I recently purchased a popular $35 antenna on Amazon. It is attic mounted.
I get dozens and dozens of channels with excellent signal strength in the Fort Worth, TX area. The antenna is connected to my Tablo Duo with a 50ft. coax cable (new). Tablo is wired to the network.

(You will need to turn up your audio. Sorry for the low volume (wife was sleeping). It’s like a digitized trickling water sound.)

Twice, in less than one week of ownership, I’ve had this strange audio issue. It messed up my entire Survivor recording from last night. I also heard it the very first time I fired up the Tablo, live (I forget which channel, maybe CBS) on a Roku3 (wifi). Last night it happened again (CBS/recording) on my Roku Ultra (wired). But just before bed I fired up live TV on CBS and there was no such audio issue.

Do I have a reception issue?

Very odd… we’d like to take a peek! Will send you a PM shortly with next steps.

Well, very cool. I appreciate it.

To fill in the gaps…



-Purchased @ BB, installed on Sunday Feb. 9.
-Tablo connected to network switch with included ethernet cable.
-Roku 3 (four-ish year old model) via wifi to an Asus router (audio issue day1).
-Roku Ultra via cat5e to same network switch (audio issue day 4).

Both times the channels have cleared up after. shrug Also, I haven’t used this a lot. Total view time is probably only an hour or so. So it’s difficult to tell how often this is happening at this point. Very little time data. I believe I updated the firmware day 1.

All items were installed on Feb. 9. I have never used this antenna with anything other than the Tablo. Antenna has never been tested when connected directly to a TV.

On the Ultra, we’ve had audio anomalies if the sound on the Roku is set to “Leveling” or “Night Mode”. Turning that setting back to normal and then re-enabling it, fixes the audio.
Hit the Option (*) button on the Roku while something is playing back and see what it says.

Thanks for the tip, yardbird. I don’t think it’s a Roku thing, however. I played the recording back in my browser through the my.tablo web app and the audio is the same (messed up).