What I would like to see next from tablo

I am fairly new to Tablo. Working on cutting the cord to an extent. I have Directv Now, Tablo, and Amazon Prime. as my main TV features. I would say Tablo has close to 95% of the content I watch. I have Directv Now for mostly Discovery and Kids channels.

I have to say I love Tablo, my brother has an HD homerun but has to use 3rd party software to use it as well as a PC that needs to be always on. I had HD home-run in the past, as well as I was a SageTV user long ago. With Tablo’s easy setup without needing a computer is great. But I feel it needs a bit of polishing. Unfortunately I feel in its current state, they are as pretty far as they can go when it comes to controlling Tablo. With the limitations put on to it by Roku and Apple TV. There are just not enough buttons to give it that ease of use , they work great for Netflix and Amazon Prime but not for DVR functions. If my father where to come over and try to use my TV I think he would throw the remote out the window due to frustration. Yes I do have a Harmony that I use to control my Roku.

I feel Tablo needs to come out with one of two things.They either need to come out with a wireless remote that can access the box directly (maybe thru some type of wireless dongle) and can be used by a Harmony for each TV. Another option would be to create there own box. With so many cheap android boxes out there I cant see why they couldn’t make there own and create the Tablo software for it and an remote to give us the true functionality and ease of use that a DVR should have. I feel with there own box they can make it more suitable to there needs. Before anyone says anything, The last thing that I want is another box to add to my system. That is why I think an android box would work nicely in this situation. Still keep the ability to use Roku, and Apple but for those people looking for a more polished feel give them the option for a dedicated Tablo box.

With the new box I would like to see the following:
Should be able to replace my current Roku box.
One button record while watching live TV
Go directly to channel when clicked on the station instead of the two step procces
A guide button
a revert to last channel button
The ability to map the buttons to a Harmony remote (Being able to map guide to the guide button on Harmony and so on).

Couldn’t I be in my man cave with my tablo and three friends and we were all connected to tablo using different devices. And we could all be watching different programs, what would new device be controlling?

What I was saying is all the functionality would still be there. All apps would work, so all your friends can be watching how they are currently watching. But by Tablo introducing there own box they can create a more polished product. If you still want to use your Roku so be it. If you want one button recording and easy to use functions like current DVRs they can create a box that does that and sell it to us. If Roku and/or Apple TV could provide more button functions outside what there current remote has then that would be great and this wouldn’t be an issue. I just don’t see that happening.

That’s why I answered in the last survey that I always use my Smartphone to manage recordings and DVR features, it is faster and easier.