What I believe Everyone is looking for on the recordings screen (Mock Up Included)

I know you guys are probably working hard on this, but I want to give my vision of what the recording screen needs to look like to be much more functional:

Most excellent mock up David. Station/Channel ID-LOGO might be nice addition. I hope someone besides me notices it.

@davidVR - Very cool! Sending this over to our UI team. 

@Davidvr screenshot mockup has its place (a chronological layout of recordings… Love to see that) But it also perpetuates a UI bug in the Tablo web UI… On small screens the black menu bar is inaccessible… So well over two thirds of the Tablo UI is inaccessible to mobile devices. What’s up with that! I would like to see the davidvr mockup added as a black menu bar view selection under recordings… But first, fix this web UI bug.

I’ve tested with chrome beta on android and reloaded with the “request desktop site” enabled… No change… So I have to assume this is a screen size (or worse) browser platform check that is blocking the black menu bar… And crippling the Tablo experience. (Sigh)

Love it - and the ability to sort by date to see what is recording soon would be awesome (schedule screen, but same concept)

@Thumbs I am assuming the black bar not appearing was a design choose rather than a bug (it will do the same thing if you shrink the size of your browser window on your desktop), but if they went that route their would really need to be a way to make it the default view. 

@cmahy - I wish it was open source, I would totally have this done already :slight_smile: , but here is some concept art for you:

@tablotv - Maybe you could pass this on as well ? 

Also I forgot to give any idea for how this would scale to a desktop:

Sometimes I discover a conflict but I have no idea what the conflict is. It would be good to see what the other shows are so I can decide what I would rather be recording.

@HarryR I have found this same conflict bug myself. I basically have to go through all my shows and manually find the show that is being recorded at the same time. It's usually due to the fact I have two channels showing the same show (I have two Fox channels) and its trying to record both. Which doesn't allow for my other show to record. I hope this makes sense.

I’ve done that too but it’s a lot of work. If the app knows there is a conflict, it should be able to tell you what the conflict is and let you make a choice. That would be a very useful feature.  I don’t have time to look at all my scheduled recordings.

I’m confused as to what you guys are looking at - on my screen, I have a conflicts screen that shows all three recordings in a grid very nicely - allows you to choose what you want. Unfortunately, after you choose, they disappear, never to be seen again - so it is difficult to go back to it if you change your mind. It would be nice if we could revisit after we make our initial choice (when the wife over rules our choices).

I’m talking about shows that are a week into the future. You can’t see that on the grid.

I like this design however I’d like to see by day. I have not cut my cord yet and on my DVR I can see scheduled for each day and you just click to go to next day. This click is in the upper right corner and it just shows the day with arrows to scroll to next or previous day and can scroll as far as the guide goes which is 7 days.