What happens when the internet is down?

Cogeco was down for a few hours last night. I was just wondering how long the Tablo functions (recording scheduled shows) without a network available. I noticed when I got back home I had issues with my signal, but that may just be my antenna that needed adjusting. I reset and rescanned and it seemed to be back to normal. This morning i had to reset my system again to be able to reconnect. I hope it will be stable from now on.

It should be able to handle 14 days without a connection to the internet.  That is how much guide data that is downloaded each morning.  

We download 1 day of guide data each night after the initial guide data download, as well as any changes in the schedule. An overnight of internet downtime won’t affect your Tablo too badly. It will still record (if the power is still on of course) and will catch up on the missed guide data the next time you reconnect. 

Ok. So it will follow through on everything scheduled as long as there is power. Thanks.

One test I did was unplug the cable modem.  I could still access the tablo from the Andriod App and Roku but not from chrome (my.tablotv.com was unreachable).  I dont supose you will tell us how to redirect to the tablo from a local web server running apache?

@andersonas25 - Since I lack a comp sci degree, I myself can’t tell you how to redirect from a local web server running apache, but send a note to support and let them know what you’d like to try. They might be able to offer some guidance. 

@andersonas25, I hadn’t even thought about that.  So if the internet is down, the apps, AppleTv, Roku, and Chromecast should all work, but all the browser-based viewing would fail.  

It’s not a huge problem, but users should be aware of the issue if it comes up.  

This reminds me of a question I have been thinking about.  That being, is it possible to hit your Tablo through a means other than the web server…  IE. can I put in 192.168.1.XXX:XXXX (Home netwrok IP of Tablo plus a port number) to access the device.  This would kill the internet is down issue because the signal would never leave your home network.

@jbanks25 I tried that when I first got the Tablo, it just showed “Tablo something or other server” when you go to Tablo’s IP address, but didn’t redirect to my.tablotv.com

Update from the Tablo geek squad:

If the user successfully
connects to my.tablotv.com then the app will remain usable if the internet goes
down. As long as the browser session with my.tablotv.com is kept open it
will continue to work. If the user disconnects from the Tablo and gets to
the “connect to Tablo” screen, then an internet connection will be required to
re-connect to the Tablo.

OK not a big issue since the Roku and Andriod can still access The tablo’s.  Roku is my usual replay method.  I cant speak for Airplay or Ipad since I dont have either.  keeping a Chrome browser up isn’t possible my pc automatically powers down at night (got to stay sort of greenish).