What happens when a hard drive starts to go bad?

As an example, my Tivo has been starting to reboot at odd times and randomly. The overall consensus is that this typically means the hardrive is going bad. So even though this is not the ideal way to find out that a drive is going bad, it afforded me the time to replace the original drive with a larger one I had sitting around.

So, is there any warning about drive failure we can look for with Tablo @TabloTV?

@Jestep Yep! A failing drive can set a few things off. The easiest way to track this is with failed recordings. On the iPad, you’ll receive a ‘this recording failed due to X’ message when you tap on the failed recording. 

We intend to add this functionality to all of the Tablo’s supported platforms in order to give you the information up front. Hope this helps!

@TabloSupport, yes thank you