What happened to the Tablo Live Stick?

What happened to the Tablo Live Stick? Have they pulled this product? Is it ever going to be released? anyone have any info, as I can’t find anything


Still poking away at it and in beta testing.

The plan is to release it in 2018. :slight_smile:

Maybe it went to live with it’s sibling Metro.

How would thumbnails ever be generated since the best I can tell takes 2 tuners. One to play and one to record.

Preview thumbnails are created after the recording completes, so you only need 1 tuner.

And preview generation has low priority, thus if a tuner is needed, and the only one available is currently doing thumbs, it will be grabbed. That’s my understanding from support.

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Can anyone at Tablo provide an update on this topic? What has happened to the Tablo Live Stick?

It appears that @TabloTV has abandoned it. They keep adding features to existing but the live stick appears to be dead.

Well it’s 2019 and still no live stick. Guess 2018 wasn’t accurate either :slight_smile: