What did you do?

My phone says connecting forever. What did the. 30 break that .29 did Not. Is the .30 THE SAME as .29 or was something changed?

Normal procedure for me is to remove the Tablo app from the phone after upgrade and reinstall and re-pair it with the Tablo. Just the way it is.

Couple questions:

What phone? I am on Galaxy S5 and working just fine.

Are you on the same network as the Tablo? If not, you probably need to “re-pair” on the same network

@Jestep, sound “right”, but no… the only way to solve the problem is to uninstall the Tablo app and reinstall. Re-pairing won’t work. Something gets cached on the phone in a weird way. Others can chime in on this as well. Sometimes upgrading works right the first time, and other times you have to do the uninstall/reinstall app procedure.

I have never had to do that on my phone. So wondering what phone you are on

Never had to uninstall either…

No trouble here. I did have an initial problem installing the firmware on the Tablo but after rebooting it all was fine and my mobile connects just the same as it did before.

But my guess is that your upgrade went normally. When you have it mess up and go horribly wrong, I’m just telling you what you have to do. When will go horribly wrong? Roll some dice, spin the wheel, throw a dart…

Are you trying to connect remotely?

After upgrading to .30 my pairing was not broken but sometimes it breaks for others so you have to re-pair aka connect to the Tablo locally at home.

Seems odd that the. 29 never had remote problem. Will repair when I get home.

I agree with cjcox.

Reinstall fixes a lot of things in a lot of circumstances. I’ve done tech support for cell phones and found this to be true. So much so that after power cycling the phone, the next step I do is remove then reinstall the app.

Saves me sooooo. Much time. What can it hurt right?

I by just vs tried clearing to uh be cache and that did not help. It is weird. I can see be the icons for my recordings and the schedule for live tv but no connect. I’ll check it on the lan when I get home. Also need to update Roku to test the new guide.

I’m home and I connected my phone via wifi on the lan and saw that remote access somehow got disabled. I wish the @##$% the remote access was different. I wish it required you to have a fixed ip and deal with it without Tablo. That way IF Tablo goes away, it will still work.

I use an iPhone, iPad, and browsers to connect to my two Tablos. My iPhone will not properly sync with my Tablo after the first connection and sync. It just sits on “Syncing” and the progress bar won’t load. Even after 30 minutes it still hangs on syncing and doesn’t load. It does this for both of my Tablos.

Meanwhile my iPad and browsers have no problem syncing and takes about a minute or two for either of my Tablos.

I tried deleting the app from my iPhone, reinstalling, and reconnecting, but it still had the same issue. This means I can’t see any recordings or updated schedules after the first time I sync it. I don’t know why this is, but it’s pretty annoying.

Wait till you’re home and connect. Most likely remote got disabled.

I’ve tried it at home and remotely. Both still get stuck on “Syncing” with no progress bar. I left my iPhone on with the Tablo settings open at home for 30-60 minutes and still no luck.

That’s a semi-common problem.
I use Google Chrome web browser, which sometimes gets stuck on the syncing part, too.
The workaround is to force a disconnect, reconnect, and then it works.
The disconnect option for me is in the same menu list of options that Live TV, Settings, … are.

When you tried at home, were you on WiFi and on the same network as the Tablo? After mine finally synced, I looked at remote access and it said it needed to be set manually. I unchecked the box, and checked it again and that fixed the problem. I had previously manually set the ports on my router. If your phone is not on WiFi at home, then it makes NO DIFFERENCE where you are.

Yes, it’s on the same network as the Tablo. I turned Remote access off and on. It doesn’t say anything about needing to manually configure it. I disconnected from the Tablo and reconnected. It still just sits on the “Syncing” with no progress being made. My two iPads have no problem connecting and syncing on the network or remotely.

@mediadigs Sorry to hear you’re having issues! Can you send us a note with your Tablo’s MAC address? We can take a look on our end and get things fixed up.