What are the Security Concerns/Issues if using Remote Connect?


I know the router settings have to be opened up to allow it to send video out… Are there Concerns about Security, Hacking, Break-ins to the Local Lan?


Remote viewing just opens up 2 ports only. I guess there is always a small security concern, but I don’t think anyone is targeting my network for any real reason. Nothing valuable anyway.


Thanks…I think. :slightly_smiling_face:


Overall, I agree with what you’re getting across. Still, your answer - “just opens up 2 ports only” suggest the threat is relative to the number of open ports. Ok, more ports equals more vulnerabilities… an insecure network is an insecure network [peroid]. But the real question, is any open port a security risk above “normal” concerns? Probably not.

Seems so much of the public are afraid of being afraid because “I don’t know”. Someone told them having smart devices make their home wifi venerable (maybe) while they install any/every app on their phone with location enabled and give it access to everything and are surprised to discover how much some giant corporation knows about them… and sold and shared.

ok, thanks for letting me vent… sorry