What about Tablo doing this too

What is the advantage of that since the Tablo doesn’t connect to a TV directly?

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It would be one thing if the ChannelMaster DVR was able to record SlingTv, but it can’t. The streaming boxes already handle both Tablo and SlingTv, so there really is no point integrating them on the Tablo.


All the channel master does is open up the sling app on the channel master device. Seeing as Tablo is a network device and we access it via an app, this would just mean you…access sling from the Tablo app UI and then it opens the sling app on your device?

Sounds like a lot of development effort for minimal gain.

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Wow that’s cool. If you can channel surf the sling channels along side the OTA channels. That’s a pretty appealing option.

Right now I would have to stop airplay of tablo and start airplay on sling TV app to change from CBS to say TBS, but to see both channel lineups in a single Live TV lineup is a good step towards a cable replacement experience for casual viewers like my wife.

Thats not how it is on the channelmaster.

The “dream” that you speak of could happen in Android TV. There is a system app, live channels, that aggregates content from apps that have made themselves available as sources and puts them into a traditional tv grid (and pulls in the epg data from those apps). Tablo is said to be working on this integration. If they did it and Sling did it, we could have OTA channels plus sling channels in one app. Plus whatever else integrates support (Pluto TV currently does).

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Announced at CES. Software update coming …like surround sound on Tablo, except I think this will be first.

Record it

While at first it sounds pretty cool…

Channelmaster will not be able to record Sling TV content as the TV channel providers on Sling TV will not allow it.

Only of value on Channelmaster as this is pretty much a DVR for the non tech savvy, and thus allows them to get apps without getting a smart TV or other streaming device.

There is virtually no value to having Sling TV on Tablo