Western Digital Black


I’m using a 1TB western digital black desktop hdd and an external enclosure I had sitting around for my Tablo 4 tuner. I know the recommended is the portable elements line but I’m wondering if it’s worth changing. My only complaint so far is the occasional load time. Sometimes live TV is “loading” for a few seconds before it goes to the next screen (tuning bar). Other times, there is no loading screen and it goes straight to the tuning bar screen. Is this a hdd issue or a hardware issue from the Tablo or 2015 roku 2? Maybe the hdd spinning up from idle? If that’s the case, will the elements line spin up and be ready to go quicker? Any help is appreciated.

This is like a networking issue.

  1. What is the make and model of your router?
  2. Your Roku 2, Model 2710 or 4210?
  3. Is your Roku hard wired or connected via WiFi to your router?
  4. Is your Tablo hard wired to the router? This might help a lot if it’s not.

It normally takes 10 to 15 seconds for live TV to start playing. Less than 5 seconds if a tuner is already buffering the channel you want to watch. If this is what you’re getting than your HDD is behaving normally. No need to change it.

Tp-link archer c7 router. Roku 2 4210. Both tablo and roku are hardwired with cat 6. Im fairly sure it is not a network issue.

Sounds like I’m probably in the 10-15 second range. What determines whether it is 10 or 15 though? That’s still 50% longer.

There’s a Fast Live TV option that you can enable on the settings page using the web app. If it is enable and it is by default then the start of the playback is closer to 10 seconds.

10-15 seconds to tune Live TV is totally normal behaviour. The reason is the Tablo must first tune to the channel, then it must transcode the video and audio to the h.264 video and AAC audio, then it starts streaming to your Roku. It is not instantaneous because OTA HDTV is encoded in MPEG-2 video, the Roku cannot play MPEG-2 video at all. So the video format must be converted, all this takes time to do.