We're Movin' On Up! - New Tablo Community Software NOW HERE!

Hey there folks -

Just wanted to let you know that next Tuesday we’ll be moving to new Tablo Community software. 

(For anyone curious, it’s Discourse: http://try.discourse.org/)

You can expect a newer, more responsive environment with a lot more bells & whistles. 

Here’s a sneak preview:

Why are we doing this?
Well there’s a few reasons but mostly because the software we were using previously was older which made it difficult to fix when things went wrong. Its age also made adding cool features (like drag & drop upload for pictures) difficult, if not impossible.

We’ve been meaning to make the switch for a while, but you can thank @Jestep for moving this up the priority list since Google user authentication got broken on the old version and it was too much of a PITA to fix. 

What happens to the content?
Don’t worry. All of the great content you’ve generated over the past year will be searchable and accessible just like it is here. 

What do I have to do to access the new site?
The site URL will automatically switch over on Tuesday afternoon ET. 

We would ask that you refrain from making new posts on Tuesday after 12 noon ET until we switch over to the new UI.

If you use an open authorization login (Google, Facebook etc.) you should be able to log in to your existing account with no problem.

If you used a local login (username/password) you may need to request a password reset through the login UI.

We Fear Change! Nooooooooooo!

Trust us… Everything is going to be A-OK and you will LOVE the new interface. It’s super intuitive and has some great features like:
  • Suggested topics
  • Sort capabilities
  • Easy image upload
  • More navigation options
  • Invite users to discussions
  • Likes
  • Super cool emoticons
  • Much, much more!
We guarantee it will be at least

If you have any questions between now and then, let us know. 

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Just a reminder to not use this site after noon eastern time today until the new site is running.

You beat me to it! 

The site shouldn’t be able to be accessed after noon and the new one which will replace it will be locked until the switchover has happened. 

We’re hoping it will take 20-30 minutes but it may take more. Should be back and ready to roll later this afternoon.

It looks like it is working now.

Image uploads are super easy now. Just hit the upload button in the toolbar when creating a post. :relaxed:

Indeedy! We’re rockin’ & rollin’.

New forum looks good, but was initially unable to login - old psw would not work. I selected “forgot password” and reset to the same password as the previous forum. For some reason my old password did not migrate over.

Looks great but I had to do the same, select forgot password and then resetted my password via email.

@mbellaire - Not surprising. We knew this would happen thus the warning above…

We’ll remind everyone on social media shortly.

@TabloTV - sorry, missed that! I’d amend your initial post and make that sentence bold or underlined.

It was highlighted in yellow in the original. I guess my yellow needed to be yellower :wink:

Typical user behavior :blush: , just skimmed the original announcement and didn’t catch it. ha

It’s not highlighted in yellow on the mobile browser via Safari :stuck_out_tongue:

Stupid Safari… Always ruining things. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hum…what happened to the “Mark forum read” option ? Is it hidden somewhere ?

edit: nevermind, found the “dismiss new” button on the New tab

Go to “Unread” on the main page and you can dismiss posts or threads.

Thanks for the shout out @TabloTV :stuck_out_tongue: But Yeah! on Google login

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Feel free to change the color of that request on your itemized list :smile:

@TabloTV LOL Do’t think that was on there, but maybe I should add and color it :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and I LOVE the Dismiss feature!!!