Went on Vacation and issues came up

So I went on vacation during the firmware rollout. I updated remotely, everything went smoothly and I used the Tablo with new firmware via iPad and Browser. However, somewhere along the line it stopped responding. So I thought maybe it was a network issue. But I finally got home and it still is not recognizing the tablo. So I unplugged and plugged back in. I can see it on my network and even get to it now via my Web Browser on my iMac. However, the ipad will still not connect “Unable to find” message.

Any help @TabloSupport??

Oh and I just noticed 2 days without updated guide info again. Had to force it

Ok, after 7 hours of driving, forgot I deleted all my network settings on ipad because of the issues so I needed to reconnect at home, duh! So Now I am back with the iPad, but it sure made things bad not being able to use it most of the vacation :frowning:

Oh, and I should have mentioned, I did see it on the network before I unplugged, just not able to connect.

The same thing happened with me back in June.  Tablo Connect was working great and then there was a firmware update.  I didn’t realize that you had to re-pair and re-sync your devices after a firmware update, so I lost my connection until I returned home.  It was a valuable lesson for travelling:  Pair your devices before you leave home and don’t do any firmware updates when away.

@icampell, that is interesting. But, it went through the reboot and I was able to connect still that same day. It was the next day I could not. And like I said, it was connected at home, but could not access from home without a reboot.

@Jestep Sorry I was a little slow on the draw here. This is valuable to me, too - I’m sure lots of folks out there wipe their network settings as a troubleshooting method (in many cases not related to Tablo), which can inherently cause more problems. In any case, I’m glad you’re back up and running.