Weird Tablo glitch

This only happened once and it corrected itself but I think it’s worth talking about. A TV show from a channel we never watch appeared in my recent recordings. I would have thought it was accidentally recorded but it then disappeared from my recordings.

ok, lets talk. I don’t think there’s a relation between the frequency of watching a channel and recording a show, from any channel.
…maybe it was accidentally recorded - and inversely accidentally deleted (disappeared)

How long had it been recorded before you discovered it? …After you found it, how long until you noticed it disappeared?

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No one has said what device and/or tablo app was being used.

Or if occurred right after the app was started or the Recording Menu entered. What you see in the app is an aggregate of what was in the app database and what is being pushed into the app database from the actual tablo.

Or maybe it’s like The Chrismas Carol. It’s caused by the spirits of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet to Come.

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There are only 4 devices with the Tablo app. All of those devices we’re in our house and accounted for. Of those devices 2 we’re not being used.

All guests connect to a separate guest network so they could have never paired to our Tablo for remote access plus no one that has connected to our guest network has the Tablo app anyway.

One person was watching something on the Roku TV. She was not in any menu where she could have recorded or deleted anything. In fact I don’t think she was even using the Tablo app at the time. I believe she was watching Hulu.

The device I was using was Android when I saw two episodes of a show. I was extremely surprised to see that and I went to check if it had somehow been scheduled by accident. I switched to the scheduled programming menu.

Note: I did not delete the shows!

When I didn’t see it scheduled I went back to recordings with the intention of deleting them. At this point they were no longer visible In the recordings menu.

At this time I suspect it might have been a weird database issue but that’s really a guess.

If you are in the U.S. did your market recently go through a “channel repack?” The FCC has been working, market by market, to consolidate the TV spectrum to reallocate addition frequencies to cellular and wifi services. I had a very similar thing happen the channels were “repacked” here. I’ve also seen it here where a station with several sub-channels broadcast the “wrong” program on one of the sub-channels.

The solution is to run a scan of your channels in the Tablo, and if necessary, re-select the channels you want.

If it’s a single weird anomaly, that may it. But I agree, and understand, that is not an answer, nothing is fixed (unless it’s a one-time deal).
As with jimzix, I’ve seen program guides not matching actual program airings and there may be something to the repack, but why the disappearance?

The station the show was from was not part of the recent repack as far as I can tell. The last repack we had was on November 30th.

Two shows or two episodes with one show(which would mean you were in the actual show folder)?

If you are in the recording folder and are using an app the does background refresh as the contents get refreshed the various show tiles may move around.

Maybe the app picked up a garbage picture tile as it was repacking.

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I didn’t really think about that. It was two matching tiles. I didn’t go into the show folder.