Weird Recording on Live TV

Turned on my TV last night. Selected Tablo on my Roku. Went to live TV, selected channel and pressed play. Instead of the program coming on a news report that appeared to be from the night before started playing. I exited Tablo, went back in, and the same thing happened again. Tried several times with the same result. And each time it started the news report at the same place. I didn’t watch long enough to see how long it was. I checked recordings, there was nothing there.And I know I didn’t record that.

Finally powered the Tablo off and back on and then everything was fine.

Any thoughts?

I have never seen that with the Tablo. I have seen it with Sling on my Roku, where it will show a program I was watching the day before instead of what is current.

@jwwhite001 That’s odd. We’ve seen the Roku cache or ‘loop’ the same few video segments in instances of poor reception - but a show from a day before is odd. Please feel free to send us a ticket, and we can check it out.

Keep waiting to see if it happens again but so far all is ok.

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