Weird "Drive Full" recording failure

Hi! Something strange happened during The Bachelor on Monday, and it wasn’t manufactured melodrama. TL;DR; to follow.

I have a Tablo 4-tuner, with a 1 TB WD Black in a SATA-USB adapter. Generally, it works great. At the time of this issue, I was running the last firmware, whatever came before 2.2.32.

What happened:
I had scheduled to record The Bachelor (don’t judge), and it was about 90 minutes into recording the 2 hour episode. There was some sort of signal anomaly, so the recording was broken up. Happens occasionally. That’s when things got weird. The second “episode” segment failed to record, citing the drive was full (currently using about 80% of my 1 TB, according to the UI, and I have the automatically free up space feature turned on, though I don’t think I’ve ever needed it). The Tablo then proceeded to to try again, recording another 30 seconds or so successfully, before getting stuck due to signal issues, or possibly something with the Tablo itself. Then it did the same thing again, creating another 30 second or so recording of the same footage, before breaking up again.

I didn’t notice the behaviour until about 30 minutes past the scheduled end of the recording, when both the Roku and Web-UI continued to report it was still recording… on both of the weird 30 second blips. Additionally, playback of other recordings stopped working. To get things moving again, I told it to stop both recordings (again, two simultaneous recordings of the same, already completed episode), and restarted the unit with the blue button of last resort. After a while, everything returned to normal, except the 2 weird copies get stuck still, ~30 seconds in, and the “disk full” episode remains.

Sorry for the text wall, just wanted to be thorough.

TLDR: Recording got split up due to poor reception, portion failed to record because 200 GB apparently wasn’t enough free space, then 2 more portions got locked up and never completed correctly.