Weird Connection Issue


I have a Tablo 4. I have 2 TV’s both with ROKU Streaming Sticks.

On TV 1 I experience occasional dropouts of Tablo for a few seconds. On TV 2 I never have that problem. I can have both TV’s on the same channel, 1 will dropout and the other keeps going. Even with just 1 on it will drop out every once in a while.

At first I thought it was a ROKU issue. But I can stream other stuff on the ROKU and never get a drop out. Only with the Tablo.

Any thoughts of what to look for? I would think if it was a network issue I would experience the problem with both TV’s and/or other streaming on the ROKU. But it’s just the Tablo on the 1 TV.


Could still be a network issue. You really can’t compare streaming from the Tablo to streaming from on-line services. The data rates and built-in buffering is very different.

Are all the devices on ethernet? Or Wifi?


All the devices are on WIFI. The Roku’s are WiFi only. I also don’t have an ethernet connection close to the Tablo. But if it was the Tablo then the other TV/Roku would suffer also.


Again, not necessarily. You’ve probably got a bandwidth issue between the Tablo and one of the TVs. Wifi is not magic, there are so many variables that without expensive equipment it can be really hard to determine exactly what the problem is.

Your only real option is to try a different Wifi access point, or move it closer to the other TV, or maybe use power-line adapters to connect the Tablo to the router to cut down on the overall Wifi traffic.


With aIl due respect, I disagree with what you are saying. There is no direct connection from the Tablo to the Roku’s. It all goes thru the router. So if there is a WiFi issue with the one unit, which is quite possible, then it is the connection to the Roku from the router. So to me that eliminates the Tablo as the problem, else it would also affect the other TV/Roku.


I think I misread what you wrote. It’s not the Tablo, it’s the overall connection between the Tablo and one specific TV/Roku/location.


Are both TVs the same distance from the network router? I would say sounds like the 1 tv is farther away or more walls between it and the router. Which means that even though both our on WiFi, there could still be an issue that won’t affect both.


In our home , the router is in front (living area) and sometimes are WiFi in the back (bedrooms) has an issue.


Now that you have this going…

Please clarify having the TVs “on the same channel”. If you set the TVs to a specific channel, the tablo doesn’t even come into play. So I suspect you’re watching the same channel on the tablo via Roku device, but maybe not.

Another possible process of elimination, have you tried swapping Rokus between the TVs. As you’ve stated, all network activity - wired or wifi - passes through the router (and/or switch if applicable).
So the distance from tablo to Roku should be irrelevant. However, the tablo might be sending higher resolution HD content than what ever your streaming serves do - more data, more bandwidth. The farther away, signal degrades and throughput drops. I’m just speculating here as it sounds as though you’ve done the basic trouble shooting.


I’d also wonder if the two Rokus are the same? I have one stick that was advertised as having a stronger WiFi antenna (don’t recall the model, but has a lump in the cord attached to the stick) and an Ultra. I might
expect different results from the two units, even if they were sitting next to each other.


That would have been the Streaming Stick +.

They both have good quality WiFi chips (see a comparison of all Roku ‘guts’ here) but you might still see a difference since stick-style devices are offen hidden behind the TV which can block WiFi signals.