Weird Audio Chirping

Older reports seem to have been closed.
I’ve had a weird chirping and burbling sound for the past few weeks.
It sometimes sounds like a small brook flowing through my living room, but a bit more high pitched.

Based on a suggestion found under “Weird audio chirping noise with new Quad” I rescanned my channels and it has improved significantly, which I take to mean that it’s an OTA signal issue.

The sound is heard on my Firestick and via the WebApp.

Try turning off surround sound if you have it enabled to see if that makes a difference.

It’s not enabled. Thanks

I thought that enabling surround helped this problem.

Yes. This problem disappears when Surround Sound is ENABLED.

Unfortunately, the Roku app refuses to play any recordings with surround sound embedded if the TV set-up reports that it can’t support the feature. All other apps on my Roku devices and TVs simply convert the audio to stereo on devices without digital outputs. Why Tablo is different is frustrating.

I still get the chirping sounds occasionally when surround sound is turned off. This issue began with v2.2.28. When I reverted back to v2.2.26 the problem disappeared. Unfortunately Tablo does not allow old firmware to be used so I was forced to “upgrade.”

It’s maddening when it happens because I know it’s just a bug introduced back in 2020 and has not been fixed.

I used to get this chirping, but it seems to have gone away. As far as the Tablo using stereo when surround doesn’t work, I asked that question quite awhile ago. IIRC, the Tablo doesn’t have the power to do the necessary conversion.