WECP Panama City repack/rescan

Saw a recent announcement re: this station requiring a rescan.

Will be broadcasting in HD now, yay!

Got home, rescanned and Tablo is still showing it as 480i?

Is the TabloTV not picking up the new station at all, or is it saying that the station is 480i based on now outdated guide data?

The fcc repack has nothing to do with the broadcast resolution. It’s about moving a stations real broadcast channel to another channel.

Of course the station can change the resolution.

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Did you select ADD TO GUIDE after the rescan?

That data is carried in the stream itself so it should be reflected if they have indeed made the switch to HD on that specific station.

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Correct, the station announced moving to HD as part of the repack, need to rescan.


At the office so can’t grab a screen cap, but rescanned and selected “Add to Guide” after.

Still showing as 480i.

Will email the station to see what’s up.


Something else to note, it may just be the major channel and not the subchannels that are switching to HD.

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Major channel (NBC) was already HD.

The CBS station is a sub.

Sent email to inquire…

Could it be:

WECP’s low-powered signal radius is effectively limited to Panama City and surrounding areas in Bay County. In order to increase its off-air broadcasting reach, WECP is simulcast in standard definition on WJHG’s third digital subchannel (UHF channel 18.3, virtual channel 7.3 via PSIP) from the same Youngstown tower.

Yup, received a reply after I got home from work.

Their announcement page seemed to be indicating that 7.3 was going HD, apparently it isn’t.