WebApp - Not showing all channels (can't scroll down to bottom ones)

OK, so I did my original scan and everything worked great.

I realized that it did not pick up a couple of channels that I would normally get so did a rescan and added the five new channels it picked up to the guide.

If I go into the web app now and go to the live tv section and scroll down it will not scroll down to the bottom 4 or 5 channels. I know they’re there because if I go into the other sections and view by channel they are there but the live tv window just does not let me scroll down far enough.

I’ve tried on all three browsers on OS X and for each of them I removed from the browser (used the x) flushed the cache and reconnected / did a full synch and the same issue.

So far my experience with Tablo has been less than exceptional. 

Issue #1 - Guide data does not populate for about 50% of my channels
Issue #2 - Can’t scroll down to the bottom channels in live tv grid view

Anybody have similar issues and have ideas on fixes?

I can provide screenshots showing that the channels have been added and how I cannot scroll down to them.