Web app, Roku app, iPad app review from a SageTV guy

There is a pretty good thread going on “SAgeTV vs TabloTV”. It iscross threaded on the SageTV forum and And these videos are also posted there. We though these VERY amateur videos I made may be useful to others, so here ya go :-). Oh and they are also on twitter.

In case anyone is interested I made a few videos for some friends. 

1) I am not a videographer 
2) I say In my Opinion a lot :-) 
3) well its free :-) 

TabloTV iPad App (Android app is identical with added CAST button for Chromecast): 

TabloTV Web UI: 

TabloTV Roku App: Part 1: 

TabloTV Roku App Part 2: 

*****the above videos do not show the impressive speed improvements (2seconds to load LiveTV section on Roku) and many other improvements over the past four weeks.

These videos do not show the impressive speed increases that were put into place with the last firmware, among several other improvements.  I may add another video showing this for potential new users.

Its pretty awesome!  way to go @TabloTV

@PiX64 the Family Guy search was definitely not working as intended. Does it still behave this way for you in the latest version of the web app? My antenna doesn’t likely pick up as many channels as yours but nonetheless searching for Family Guy returns exactly 1 result for me

@matb33. The new fixes they pushed out def corrected the issue for me. No more wonky search results :slight_smile:

@PiX64 good to hear, thanks for letting me know!

Just wanted to say ‘thanks’ for taking the time to do this.  It’s nice to see detailed info on how things look/work.