Web App Not Working With Internet Explorer and Firefox on Windows 8

So this is a weird issue.

On Windows 8, when I use the immersive/metro Internet Explorer, it will not connect to tablo. Tells me it will try in 5 seconds and nothing works.

Switch to desktop mode and tried with Internet Explorer and while it connects and I can view settings and navigate the side menu, when I choose Live TV, it doesn’t load the guide.

Tried with Firefox and still the same issue as above.

Switched over to Chrome and it finally works as expected.

This is a real bummer if Tablo is having issues with Internet Explorer and Firefox on Windows 8. I was trying this on a Surface Pro running Windows 8.1 Update if that helps.

I found Chrome is the only browser that works for me. Firefox is a bit limited in what you see and I never tried Explorer because I never use it anyway.

Right now, Chrome and Safari are the only two browsers supported for the Tablo.   IE support will hopefully be coming soon, which have to have for my Win8 phone to ever work with this.

Any idea when it is coming? Rather surprising that IE is not supported from the get go considering it is the most widely used browser. It’s also on the Xbox platform.

Any idea when they will be ready?

“Rather surprising that IE is not supported…considering it is the most widely used browser.”

That hasn’t been true since 2008.


Hi folks - We’ll be working on improvements to the web-based app (including wider browser interoperability) over the coming months. Stay tuned!

Considering that TabloTV only sells in the Canadian and North American market, IE does rank higher and trade places with Chrome from time to time: http://gs.statcounter.com/#browser-na-monthly-201303-201403

Either way, just surprised that it is not supported out of the box.

Ok, gotta jump in here, noticed Firefox works to a certain point. With the new 30 second fast forward after the video starts hit it a couple of times and the entire bar including those disappear :frowning: Saw this with Windows 7 and newest Firefox

And sadly was showing Tablo to a family member trying to help them cut the cord. Needless to say that demo did not go as planned :frowning:

I haven’t used the Web UI exhaustively but I’ve been using FireFox exclusively since I got it last week and it performs better than the Android App IMO.