Web App just does not want to sync

So I’ve been trying to connect to my tablo via Chrome for a while and all it does is sync and get stuck in place on the progress bar. I’ve tried multiple things to try and get past this like Shift-Refresh, Clearing Cache multiple times, and turning off the blockers I have and nothing works. If I refresh and the bar reachs full it just sits there “Syncing” at 100% and it doesn’t move.

Firefox on the other hand syncs like a champ but for some reason I can’t play any videos on it “Format not supported Mime” or something like that.

I just want to watch TV on my browser D: any of them. (Once in a while the refreshing does let me access the Tablo but its pretty rare and I have no idea what lets me do it.)

(P.S. It works perfectly fine on the Roku 3, Android, and iOS devices in the house.)