Web app (buffer size option)

WebApp works great when I travel in the USA as my Tablo is in the USA. But when I travel out of the country, it does not work as great. I now live temporarily in Malaysia and the WebApp buffers every 2 seconds for 1 second, then plays again. I would love a few features.

  1. Buffer size select. (say 1, 5, 10, 30 minutes) I can then start the show (live or recorded), let it buffer up, then start playing uninterrupted.
  2. Ability to download and save the show locally (live and recorded)

Currently the only option I have found it using TabloRipper to a local PC in my home, then upload to Google Drive, to finally download from Google Drive to my laptop in Malaysia.


What is the download speed of your internet in Malaysia? It could be it’s to slow to support remote streaming at full quality.

What happens if you lower the remote streaming quality to say 2 Mbps? Does it still buffer?

TabloRipper is an excellent program, great choice. It’s not your only option, there are several other #tablo-apps:third-party-apps-plex Third Party app capable of “off-loading” recorded content… but I do believe they all do work locally.

I feel your pain with absence of more advanced settings and flexibility with the tablo. From what I’ve picked up on, it’s just not in their business model. They have a (reasonably) easy to use product across multiple devices, for user the minimal to basic technical skills and knowledge.

When used as designed and marketed, generally it meets or exceeds expectations - that’s not to say it’s ideal for or meets the needs of everyone.

Not the internet speed, its actually faster here than in the US. I get about 900 Mbps download. I download the uploaded files at about 10 MBytes per second.

I have reduced the streaming size to the lowest and that also did not help.

Depending which report you read the US ranks from 10 - 20 behind in broadband speeds globally… we’re lagging behind in overall speeds. Presumably, it cost to upgrade equipment and infrastructure. That cuts into corporate profit. Blame it on government blah-blah, and return on shareholders investments payout.

This is interesting. I use my Tablo regularly when travelling internationally. (Colombia, Mexico, etc). I have never had problem but from Malaysia it doesn’t work at all. I can’t even connect despite having a very fast connection.

@DigitalMann - Is the connection in your hotel or another public place? Sometimes they will block the ports that Tablo needs to find your DVR back home.

Back in the US now. But we had a condo with a local internet company. Tablo worked, so not port issues. There are other use cases I have come across now, that would also benefit from buffering. I took my Amazon Fire from home and brought it to my daughter place to watch the NFL championships at their apartments. It worked OK as the Amazon Fire was first connected to my local network, but again, sometimes it would play 5 minutes with no buffering, then others it would buffer every couple of seconds. So in general, having the ability to select how much to stream and buffer before playing would be great. On the Webapp, on each device (Roku, Amazon Fire, etc.)


We are in an Airbnb. We are at a second Airbnb in a different city and still having the same issue. It really has me puzzled :thinking: