Web and iOS Cache

Forgive me if this is out there as I don’t follow the forum as closely as I once did. Is it just me or does the Web interface and the iOS apps not cache as much information as they once did?

It seems now that everytime I connect it is pulling down all the album art upon my connection, and “live” as I scroll down the list, where before it would take a moment to “connect” and seemed to have everything pulled down and behave much snappier during that session? Seems like I am starting from scratch on album art everytime I connect… Not quite the animated Synching page of the first connection but still pretty slow to populate album art.

Yes with iOS 13, the iOS app works like the Roku app. Syncs on the fly.

Thank you, I hope they restore the old sync function. It really hurts the user experience.

I’m running iOS 13 on an iPad, using the app (not the web app) and I got the sync thing… maybe it doesn’t take as long, but still irritating.

Even worse, the remote connection has always been flawless for me now it’s hit or miss.