Weak Signal

The issue has been bugging me for two days, my setting is

A OTA antenna with power amp and distribution amp

cable get splitted just after the wall outlet, one goes to TV, another goes to Tablo.

Both works fine for 3 weeks,

Starting yesterday, Tablo keep showing “weak signal” while TV is working fine.

A scan of channel in Tablo shows 34, and some of them have excellent signal (5 out of 5)

I tried everything which inclueds

power cycle tablo multiple time
rescan multiple time, most of the time it lists 34
swap tablo cable with the TV cable

I still can’t get Tablo work, it still shows weak signal", when I try to click the channel twice, Tablo starts to reboot itself

I guess there is some frame it doesn’t like , most likely it’s a bug rather than a h/w issue

Can someone help please?

I would recommend sending in a trouble ticket email to TabloSupport.  It’s possible that your Tablo needs to be replaced.

Are you doing a channel scan each time you look at it, or are you just looking at the results from the first channel scan?   It doesn’t update dynamically (though I hope the Tablo folks get around to that), so it may look like every channel has 5 green dots when it really doesn’t.  Just run another channel scan to see the up-to-date results.

You have covered most of the troubleshooting methods already.  

Yep, I rescan mutlitple times and result are the same. Thanks for the advice , will raise a ticket for this.

Hey @Andy got your ticket - we’ll try a few things with you to get this working. Watch your email!

I just received my 4 tuner model in the mail today and am experiencing the exact same issues Andy mentioned. I too am submitting a ticket.

great, my 4 tuner is being delivered today.  hope this is not a widespread problem.

On September 3 the same thing happened to me after working flawless for 4 months. Tried to watch live TV on iPad, got weak signal on every channel. A bunch of failed recordings. Unplugged Tablo plug back in, closed iPad app restarted, resync. now working again. All 3 of our iPads acted the same way.

@mb190e Feel free to send me the details (your MAC, HD info, etc) in a ticket and we’ll take care of you!

@TabloSupport done just sent.

we’re having the “Error - weak signal” issue. has worked fine for several weeks, now there several channels that won’t come thru. unplugged Tablo, checked cables. checked firmware, it’s up to date.

same here…all was good but lately getting a lot of weak signal issues on channels that have always worked fine.