Weak Signal on multiple devices - nothing resolves

People make way too much about the 4 channel splitter inside Tablo. If you’re seeing excellent signal level/quality on a TV or some other ATSC tuner I can assure you there’s likely a problem with the Tablo RF input/tuner.

You’re saying Tablo support has determined there’s nothing more they can/will do? At minimum, I’d ask to try another Tablo device before giving up.

There’ve been reports of flaky RF connectors on some devices. Perhaps that’s an issue here?

Based on what I’ve read and heard, I’m thinking I’ll swap out the unit and give another box a try.

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@TabloTV Does the internal Tablo split 4 way if you only have the dual tuner Tablo?

The tuner is exactly the same on both models. We just don’t utilize the extra two on the dual. And we do add a bit of signal boost on the tuners to make up for the split, so I tend to agree that something bad is happening.

I would have our support team check your signal quality through the tuner (they can do this when they log on to your box). It could be that you’re on the digital cliff or it could indeed be the tuner on the Tablo is faulty. Either way, we’ll figure it out so you can get rolling.

Are the extra 2 tuners disabled via hardward or software?
Can they be enabled?
It would be fantastic to be able to upgrade a 2 tuner model to the 4 tuner model.
Charge for it, we’ll pay a fair price.

I think he meant splits rather than tuners.

We’ll see.
But if I’m right… :smile: