Weak Signal on multiple devices - nothing resolves

Purchased and installed my Tablo last night. All worked perfectly. Was preparing to call and cancel my cable today. However - this morning I am getting a “Weak Signal” error on every channel. Tried rebooting the Tablo and disconnecting the HDD. Did not help. Getting the error on both Apple TV as well as Fire Stick.

Two things to possibly look at: 1) Are you getting signal strength from the antenna on your tv’s without the tablo. If not, you may have to adjust your antenna. 2) Your coxial connector to your tablo may be loose or bad and may need to be replaced. Check both the tablo end and the other end. Good luck. I dropped my cable and am saving about $200/month and watching mostly what I want to watch with one to two exceptions.

Thanks, @Dave48. Really appreciate that. I get great signal strength when my antenna is connected directly to my TV. The issue begins when I connect it to the Tablo. Connections are solid. Hoping Support can help. Not sure what caused it to suddenly become a problem this morning when it was working great after install last night. No changes were made by me in the interim.

  1. What firmware version on the Tablo?
  2. What is the make and model of HDD?

@theuser86: firmware is 2.2.2 (just updated when received and installed last night). HDD is a Seagate Expansion Desk 9401 (5TB)

Problem still persists open a support ticket.

Tablo uses an internal splitter to receive the 2 or 4 channels. It’s possible you may need a signal boost on your antenna feed (each split lessens the signal strength). I know that some radio stations boost their transmit power at night, maybe some TV stations do the same - this could account for it working at night.

I opened a ticket at the same time I first posted this. To date, I’ve been contacted only once - and support has not been able to do anything to help. I have rebooted multiple times, restored factory settings, moved my antenna, disconnected the HDD, etc. - anything I could find in terms of suggestions - all to no avail. My antenna hooked just to the TV works fabulously…but the minute it is connected to the Tablo it does not work (Weak Signal errors). Same for both AppleTV and Amazon Fire Stick. If nothing changes over the weekend, I’m going to send it back. @TabloSupport @TabloTV

Is there an amplifier between the antenna and the tablo?

mbellaire is correct. The Tablo has to split the TV signal two or four times (depending on the model), reducing the signal strength to any one tuner. The TV probably only has one tuner and may have an internal amplifier. If you don’t already have one try an amplifier, hooking it in as close to the antenna end of the coax cable as possible.

I am using an amplified antenna (Mohu Curve 50), but no - there is no amplifier between the antenna and the Tablo. I could pick one up at Best Buy and test that. Worth a shot I guess.

The Mohu Curve 50 comes with an amplifier. I highly suggest you connect up the amplifier as it’s an amplified antenna. This would greatly help you signal quality.

Just to be clear - I am using the amplifier that came with the Mohu. But I think you are suggesting an additional one between the Mohu and the Tablo?

Where is the current amplifier that came with the Curve 50? Close to the antenna or close to the Tablo?

; very close to the Tablo

Can you try placing the amplifier closer to the antenna itself? As close as possible.

Unfortunately it’s fixed on the cable that comes with the antenna.

The antenna has a fixed cable on it?

Can you try disconnecting the HDD, rebooting the Tablo, and then try watching Live TV?

What is your zip code? Have you looked at www.tvfool.com? I suggest Winegard FL500 which is made for VHF and UHF. Position is important too. Mine worked best in the bedroom window and did not get as many stations in the living room window.

@theuser86 Did that earlier in the week and again today as instructed by @TabloSupport. No improvement.

@beastman Yes - and the Mohu Curve works perfectly without the Tablo. Impressive reception just as good as cable. No issues until I hook up the Tablo.

Tablo splits 2 or 4 depending on which Tablo you have.