Weak signal on 4 channel revisited

Thought I would do a follow up. Had problems with weak signals on DVR, tv/antenna scan shows fine. Replaced with a brand-new unit (returned old one) same problem. I am not going on my steep pitched roof to goof around re-pointing the antenna, especially when the TV and Antenna only scan work fine.

My solution
Tivo. set up quickly, the more I use it, the more me likey. The remote is so much better than the fire stick I was forced to buy. If there are weak signal issues, a quick change to TV/Ant shows that, indeed, the signal is weak. It has 2 channels, but what good is four if they constantly drop for weak signal issues? The cost is very comparable to Tablo after you add the "user supplied " required items. Hard drive, Firestick, guide fees quickly bring it within $50.

The only way you can tell if your Tablo works in the signal environment you reside in, is first-

Determine what Tablo considers a MDS (min. discernable signal) at the antenna input port (in dBm)

Then go get your HP power meter with a low power detector and measure for that level.
This will end the doubt.
Wait, you say? I don’t have a HP power meter with a low power head in my workshop, you say?
neither do I. Tech support can talk about your antenna etc. not being good enough, but they might just be blowing smoke. Be sure to ask them about MDS.
Meanwhile I’m really enjoying not paying AT&T cable, and am finding OTA DVR, along with Amazon Prime and Netflix are satisfying my viewing needs. After the writer/actor strike is over, will investigate some other streaming services. Get ready for a long drought though, the last of us, Peripheral, Yellowjackets, real time, etc etc etc, are all on hold.