Weak signal, no recording

Recently, I noticed that I don’t have new recordings, and when trying to watch live tv, the main channels show weak signal. I refreshed the guide, all green, same problem with weak signal. I unplugged the Tablo, and when I plugged it back in, I was able to watch some live tv, but today none of my Sunday am shows recorded due to weak signal. I have no unplugged the table and the hard drive, will refresh again- is there anything else I should be doing?

Check the cables and the antenna. It might have moved due to wind or something.

Perhaps a long shot, but when did you last perform a channel rescan in the Tablo? Many stations in the US changed broadcast frequency in June as part of the FCC repack program. The green indicators are from the previous rescan; they’re not real-time. After a rescan, you’d need to apply the changes to make them active.

Thanks for responding, my mistake- when I said I did a refresh, I meant I did a rescan…

Thanks for responding, that was one of the first things I did. However, I am using an indoor antenna, and think I might need to move to an outdoor or attic antenna. I do need to point due north and my windows are east and west. But that doesn’t explain why it was working and now isn’t.

RF reception is tricky. Lots of external factors can effect it. Trees around your house. Thunderstorm activity. Atmospherics.

And, to be honest, the Tablo signal indicators are not very reliable in the first place.

I use an attic antenna and my reception is very reliable. I’m about 20 miles from the broadcast towers.

This sounds like a reception issue; if the signal isn’t very strong to begin with, things can be a little variable. We’d be happy to offer some insight, though. Just send us a ticket if you haven’t already.