Weak signal fixed with reboot

The last week my tablo has had issues. It won’t play or record due to weak signal but if I reboot it (unplug it, wait a bit and plug it back in) and it works fine for a while (hours). Is it dying? Is there a solution?

There are a couple of possibilities. First thing I would check is if the unit is getting too hot. Second thing may be the power supply.

Are you using an internal hard drive or a USB hard drive that uses USB for power?

USB hard drive that gets all of its power from the Tablo. The unit itself does not seem too hot but I could be wrong. It is one of the original dual tuners from the first year Tablo came out (whenever that was).

I’ve elevated it now so that more air can get under it. I am not sure if it will matter but…we’ll see what happens

I’m having similar issue but it’s able to record and play recordings without issue. But playing live it shows week signal, last night was watching a live channel that has strong signal in my area and it started freezing and showing the buffering arrow then started playing for few minutes then got the buffering again and then weak signal. The Tablo has a fan under it and an internal drive. The weak signal issue has popped up few times over the two years I’ve had it but restart/reboot has temporarily fixed it in the past, this last few weeks it’s gotten to the point of being unusable. Is there a was to factory reset it? Reboot/restart, restart router and rescanning don’t seem to be helping ….at least for now

I dusted the Tablo off (hadn’t dusted the shelving unit it is on in months). Just in case I ordered a new power supply…in case the old one is dying. We’ll see if things stablize after dusting and if it doesn’t then when I get the new power supply hopefully it fixes it.

I have always used USB drives that have their own power supply so that the Tablo power supply doesn’t have the extra load on it. It has worked for 4+ years now without issue. I helped a friend out a year or so ago who was having the problem, and when I switched to a drive that had power from it’s power supply, it worked fine.

Anyone know how many volts the power supply requires?

I bought another power supply that can handle different volts. I put it at 12 volts and can now watch live tv but all recordings (new and old) all fail to play

Edit: I take it back. I can’t watch live tv now. I could this morning (new power supply put in yesterday). So I rebooted it and I can watch recordings and live tv. Either my power supply is not quite right or the tablo is on its last legs

110v-120v Tablo is only available for US and Canada, so “domestic” voltage.

Every source should have it’s specs printed on them some where.

I had an extra smart plug lying around so I set it up to shut down power twice a day. We’ll see how long that set up works for me