Weak signal after upgrading software

I’ve had my Tablo (4 channel) for 6 months or so and after the last software upgrade I am unable to record or watch live tv because I get a weak signal. I unplug the unit for a day and still have the same issues. I reset my internet connect and unplugged the Tablo and I still get the weak signal. I disconnected the antenna and repeated the process without any luck.

I had this issue following a firmware upgrade. It was remedied by Tablo reinstalling the firmware. I would suggest you open a ticket and ask them to reinstall the firmware. I have assumed that in fact you do not have a weak signal but rather you just get the message.

@sicpup Please send us a ticket if you haven’t already! We’ll get you fixed up.

I just submitted a ticket for the same problem. Any insight into how this was resolved?

Tablo Support,

Any chance you could just post the process for laying down 2.2.2 again as opposed to opening a ticket as well as posting the firmware itself.


Forcing a re-install of the same firmware is not something an end user can do. You need Tablo Support’s intervention for this hence the support ticket.

Many devices are like this, my Roku, my Fire TV box, my iPhone, etc.

Actually you can do a factory reinstall of the iphone software … via iTunes.

This still requires wiping your phone clean, factory reset let’s say.