Weak Antenna Signal, Can’t Resolve

Have had no issues with Tablo or OTA signals since starting with the device a year ago, suddenly it shows antenna signal too weak to access live tv or to record. Found Tablo support page for such an issue and followed all steps — reset, reboot, app de/reinstall — with no resolution. Checked antenna and cable connections and all look fine. Additional thoughts would be most appreciated.

Thanks, and Merry Christmas.

Are you using a signal amplifier? Maybe your broadcast signal strength fluctuates causing your issues (driving it over the “digital cliff”).

Good suggestion. I deactivated a distribution amplifier to use just a single, non amplified line and that made somewhat an improvement. Now I get four channels (actually, only one network affiliate station and three of its sub channels. Before the trouble started I was getting around 20 channels total).

Since you didn’t list the zipcode or missing stations know in your area could tell you if they have seen a change. I would try taking the coax out and screwing it back in. Sometimes if you do enough fiddling around the coax works lose and it doesn’t take much to diminish signal strength. After that you would need to verify the antennas proper direction for the missing channels.