Weak antenna signal but 5 green dots

Recently I lost my local CBS affiliate but all other channels were still coming in. I would get a weak antenna signal error message but the channel scan showed 5 green dots. I rescanned and CBS wasn’t picked up but other major carriers were…ABC, NBC, PBS…all with full signal strength.
I found some old posts about this but nothing helped.
I thought I’d post what worked for me. My antenna coax cable runs to a wall plate and a second coax cable runs from the plate to my Tablo. I took the antenna cable directly to the Tablo and got CBS again.
The inside cable would not carry the signal. It must have been an old style cable or maybe got damaged/kinked behind my TV stand. I replaced this cable with one from Spectrum left over after I cut the cord.
This fixed my problem. I went from picking up about 20 channels to over 80.
Hope this helps some folks.


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