We just got verzion Fios and have no idea how to get tablo on our new network

Hi whoever is out there. Hope someone can help soon. We just got our new network today and poof goes the Tablo. BTW it was working awesome thanks to dave doing something remotely. We had no loading issues for days !!! Yeay and the picture looked awesome. I am Todd Elias’s wife and I am totally duhh on this tablo stuff. I just want it to work for Gotham tonight. We have no TV without it.


  1. What is the make and model of the modem they gave you?
  2. Are you using a separate router? Or is it just the modem from Verizon?
  3. How is your Tablo connected? Hard wired? Or WiFi?

The above are all important to figure out why the Tablo is not being detected.

The web app appears to be working! [Myeimmortal & I are both writing to you!]

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Is the Web app letting you watch TV? If so, then what devices are connected to your TV? The problem might be the devices you watch Tablo on your TV on might be having network issues. You might try rebooting them.

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It was our Roku devices! We didn’t set them up for the new network. Duhhhhh! Now everything is good!

Glad everything is working. Sometimes it’s the simple things we forget.