Watching the Same Channel on multiple Screens issues?

Hello all,

Does the Tablo device have issues showing the same channel on multiple devices. Im watching with no issues on my laptop but my Rokus are having problems. Always loading. I have an AC1900 wireless router and my Rokus are all on 5GHz. I dont have another wired device I can use to see wired vs wireless. Thoughts? Im on 2.2.8. I have to say while i like the idea of tablo, im not impressed with the software. Updates dont come frequent enough and what does come doesnt seem to be QA’d well.


How many tuner Tablo do you have?

Do you have a hard drive connected?

Hi Jestep, I have a Tablo 4 and I have a 2TB HD connected.

I should have asked live tv? I am assuming that, but it shouldn’t be an issue. At what quality setting are you on Tablo? Maybe 10mb?? Maybe too much data going? There are some people with issues with the higher quality settings with Roku.

I had it set on 10mb but just dropped to 3mb. Lets see how that goes.


Yea, I would be curious.

I believe Roku’s prefer the 2.4 (Derp, typo’d this at 2.8 earlier) Ghz band.

@cypherstrength - 10 Mbps might have been saturating your bandwidth. How did 3 Mbps go?