Watching the DirecTV Now Live event

Looks like they have a nice offering at launch, 100+ channels for $35/mo with a 7 day free trial. HBO and Cinemax are $5/mo each.

It’s the opposite way I’d like to see providers go, which is fewer channels for less money, more ala carte, but it looks to be very competitive with PS Vue and even the higher end Sling TV offerings.

Oh, regular price of the 100+ channels is highers, but early signups are grandfathered in. The offering for $35/mo is for 60+ channels

I’m pretty happy with our current PS Vue subscription, but I’ll consider switching if the offerings are comparable. I’ll need to see the actual product pages to compare. Our Verizon contract is also up, so I might switch back to AT&T at the same time. $5/mo for HBO is the cheapest I’ve ever seen.

Maybe we’ll see some downward pressure on PS Vue pricing as a result of the DirecTV Now offering, especially given that PS Vue recently dropped a few channels. Competition is a good thing, and you seem to get more for your monet with DirecTV Now. However, it was a price increase for me moving from Sling TV, where I had the T-Mobile deal at $15/month, jumping to $30/month with PS Vue. I’m not anxious to bump up another $5/month, as after all, I cut the cord to save money.

I’m ready to commit to 3 months to get FREE APPLE TV. The lineup looks good.

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From what I’ve seen it will not be very competitive with Vue, at least not initially.

To me it is not an option until they add DVR functionality, and only 2 streams per account is not enough.

I will not be interested until DVR functionality is introduced & I’m guessing but assume that I will then be too late for the grandfathered rate on the 100+ channel lineup. And if it remains only 2 streams per account then I will never be interested. We run 3 Vue streams every night in my house and occasionally 4.

I didn’t realize that it was live only, no DVR. That rules it out for me too. We don’t want anything live around here, except things like parades or fireworks or some sports.

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I may pay for a month to try it out and get a fire stick.

No interest to me. No DVR functionality, and it includes expensive channels I never watch like ESPN. If you are going to continue with packages at least give a few options, not just how many channels are included.

Does seem to be “cable” TV with a new moniker. Oddly enough, U-verse TV was pretty much this at its core since it was all IPTV.

So unwrap what people “hate”… create new wrapping paper… wrap it back up!! Win!!

It will be interesting to see where Live TV streaming services are come this time next year. Hulu & Amazon are rumored to be entering the market in 2017 as well.

Isn’t this a bit like gas stations? Identical prices on each street corner. Same service, same prices, same products. Competition? Really?

These packages, distributers and channels don’t really want a la carte. Because then they would really discover who really wants which channels and at what price. They can currently hide their offerings as part of a “60 channel” package. Having to go out singly on their own would expose each channel to pure market mechanisms and we can’t have a truly free market…

CBS kind of took a stab at unbundling with their $6/month offering (higher if you want commercial free) and I’m taking advantage of the 1 month free offer, but will cancel before the month is up. I did notice that their live streaming wasn’t as clear as what I get on Tablo tho.

Anyway, I think about $5-6/mo. is probably the right price for standalone channels, and I am interested in a few, but only certain times of the year, and I would pay that price. AMC for Halt and Catch Fire, Discover for Gold Rush, A&E for Bates Motel, etc. I’d pay that for FNC year 'round as well.

When I see an article saying that unbundling like would cost significantly more, that’s true if I want all 60 channels of a “package” that’s offered, but I neither want nor need all 60 channels. That’s why I dropped DirecTV in the first place. Just give me the option to purchase ala carte and I’d be happy.

What you’re saying is that “a la carte” could apply not only to entire channels but separately to shows (without purchasing necessarily the channel itself). The way Amazon makes available specific shows.

Having the option to buy individual shows, or a season’s worth of shows might be nice, but I was thinking of, say, signing up for a channel for a month and binge watching a whole series. Then cancel until another season’s worth of episodes is available.

What I would much prefer to see (but I know will never happen) is a build your own bundle option.

$35.00/month for say 25 channels, $45.00/month for 40 channels, $55.00/month for 60 channels. But you get to pick which channels you want from their 120+ available.

Just a dream.


Suprisingly, you might find buying the season outright is cheaper. We do this with some shows via Amazon today. Of course, I’m talking about one season of a show. Usually costs less than $20. We get to see the (new episodes) shows a day after they come out.

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Android app in store

Almost two months now, I have shutdown Directv and I sent the main box to Peabody Ma. in a plastic bag. Still have dish and three boxes from the bedrooms and remotes. I don’t think I would accept any deal from Directv