Watching Shows In Parallel

I was thinking it would be nice to have a window within window function for the Tablo in order to watch two shows simultaneously. Given tonight’s AAC and Big Ten championships (both interest me), it would be nice to see both at the same time.

However that’s not needed. I can watch one game on the televison and keep my iPad next to me tuned into the other game.

There is a feature you might like to use too, it’s called the “record option”. You might have heard of it. HA!


That’s not real time… :scream:

I guess not, but seems like too much input at one time to me. I like the simple life I guess.


That’s sensory deprivation. Need the information overload fix. Flood the senses! Heightened sensation! What are all these gadgets for?

Remember the Taxi episode in which Reverend Jim had 20 TVs stacked in front of him against the wall in his room watching all of them at the same time?

Sorry, what were you saying? I wasn’t paying attention – My bad.

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You can watch up to four shows at once on your PC. Just open up four browser windows and arrange them how you like. Audio can get a bit tricky though, as you will need to mute whatever you aren’t watching.

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This way next year I can keep tabs on Georgia, Georgia Tech, Alabama and Tennessee at the same time. Why Alabama if I’m in Georgia? A lot of Georgia high school kids I see go to Bama. Why Tennessee? The best college game day experience I ever had was in Knoxville a few years ago. A buddy (he’s a Bama fan) and I headed up there for a Tide-Vols game. Best college weekend we ever spent. Really nice there by the river. The bars and restaurants near the stadium were excellent. Saw a year ago that Knoxville was rated number one by USA Today for a college football experience. Yay SEC!

The reason I’m interested in Clemson tonight is that their QB Deshaun Watson played his high school football in my neck of the woods at Gainesville High. Saw him play several times including his trip to my county to play our high school West Forsyth. Even in high school he was NFL caliber.