Watching show from start while still recording causes recording to fail

I’ve noticed that since I updated to 2.2.10 I have a consistent, repeatable failure when I jump in to watch a recording from the beginning that is still recording. 100% of the time, that recording will stop/fail to record going forward from the point that I jump into the recording. It also causes all recordings happening on other tuners to fail at that same time.

For example, Sunday night we recorded both Big Brother and Celebrity Family Feud, 8 - 9 PM EST. At 8:42 PM, we decided to watch Big Brother from the beginning, while recording was still in progress (common preferred commercial skipping/same night viewing tactic amongst all of us DVR users). At the 42 minute mark of my recording, my show cuts off, and I’m left with a 42 minute partial show on the Tablo unit, missed the last 20ish minutes of the program. Attempted to watch Family Feud a couple nights later, very similar story, only 42 minutes recorded, that recording also dropped at the time we jumped in to watch Big Brother while it was in progress. This repeated again Thursday night, tried to jump in on Big Brother at 9:24 PM while recording in progress, was left with a 24 minute program that apparently stopped recording at the time we “jumped in.”

My environment: 4 tuner Tablo with only 1-2 tuners in use during time of events described, outdoor roof-mount antenna with perfect reception 99.9% of the time, Tablo and Amazon Fire TV hard-wired to gigabit ports on router. I’ve never had a single problem with my Tablo for an entire year until this scenario. I’m also able to repeat it at any time by recording any two random shows at once, and waiting to jump in to watch one of them on a delay. The point I jump in always causes the recordings to drop on all tuners. Current work around is that we either watch a show live from the beginning with all commercials (defeats the purpose of DVR) or we wait until recording is 100% complete so we don’t interrupt it and break the recording (not desired). It sounds like a bug, was hoping to see if someone else can duplicate what I see. Thanks!

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I don’t seem to have that problem… generally, if watching a live show I’m recording, I go to recordings and watch as it’s being recorded, and haven’t had that issue. Occasionally, I’ll tune in from the live TV grid, but it works perfectly for me either way. Is someone accessing the Tablo and using a tuner that you’re not aware of?

Are you on your home network while watching, or accessing remotely? Have you tried simultaneously accessing all 4 tuners to make sure your Tablo is fully functional?

You might also see this type of failure. I have a 2-tuner tablo I use for recording sports and/or movies.

I had 2 movies scheduled to start recording at the same time - say 9PM. I was watching a previously recorded movie via a Roku. When both of these recordings started the Roku was kicked out of movie I was watching back to the main Roku tablo app menu. And since I have multiple tablos the app landed on the connect to tablo screen.

Reconnecting to the same tablo will only work if the tablo app is exited and started again.

I can repro this issue with firmware 2.2.10 but my setup’s a little different: Using a 2-tuner Tablo with Rokus. (One Roku 3; Two Roku 2’s.) The Tablo itself is hard-wired; the Rokus are wireless.

Jumping into a recording in progress simply stops that recording at the time I’ve entered. (e.g., Jumping into a recording of a 1-hour show at the 30-minute mark produces a recording of only the first 30-minutes.) Note that there isn’t another recording going on at the time so a tuner is free.

@bmslynch @Warunicorn Definitely touch base with our support team. We’re looking into this behaviour now - we’d really like to get ahold of your Tablo’s logs.

Done. :slight_smile:

I am having this exact problem only it just says loading about a minute before I just back out and wait until it’s over. And I’ve had the problem before where it stopped the recording at the moment I jumped into the recording so I missed the end.