Watching remotely

My son was wanting to watch the Oscars from his dorm room out of state, but we can’t figure out how he can watch from my tablo account. I know I’ve watched Tablo before from a hotel room, and that the tablo is set up for remote access, but we’re stumped for how to make it work with him. Any suggestions on what we’re missing with his set up?

He will need to use a device that has been set up on your home network in order to access the tablo remotely. If he has a laptop or a phone that has connected to your tablo before then he can use those devices to access your tablo remotely. For example, i connected my home phone to my tablo via my home network. Then I carry a chrome cast with me, so anywhere I go I can access my tablo remotely and watch on a hotel TV screen. But without that initial home (local) connection, I could not have done this even with that same equipment. It’s not something you can set up on-the-fly from the remote location.

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Thank you so much! We’ll be sure to do that when he comes home for spring break.