Watching recordings while the recording is still in progress

Wtih the recent firmware update, I noticed in the recording has a new feature that shows snapshot images when you fast forward/back. I really like this feature. It makes it easier to skip commercials.

However, this feature only displays the snapshots for a fully recorded show. It doesn’t display the snapshots for a show that is currently recording and being watched at the same time.

Since my wife and I like to watch shows as they are recording in a delayed mode, I lose the benefit of easily/visually fast forwarding through commercials. I have to guess when the commercials are over based on the minutes shown on the progress slide bar.

I would like to see the snapshot feature active during shows currently recording and being watched at the same time.

Also, I noticed if I exit the currently recording show after watching it for a while in cases where I want to pause the show and watch something else or stop and comeback later to watch the show later, upon starting to watch the show it does not resume at the point where I left off. It starts at the beginning of the show.

I would like to see a feature to resume at the point where I left off when I paused/exited watch the show.

I doubt the first part will be done anytime soon. What the Tablo is doing is taking a completely recorded show and running it through an available tuner to get the snapshots for it. There is no way to do it live (at least not now). It would require a completely different procedure.

I will test your second issue over this next half hour. The Tablo does allow you to stop a recording, leave, and then come back and finish the recording where you left off. What I am unsure about is what happens if a show is recording and you are watching it before it finishes, and you pause at some point.

At least using Chrome on a PC, I was able to start a recording that was in progress, pause it a few minutes later, leave till the show ended, and then resume it where I left off.

To clarify the pause functionality. I actually exit from the show during a live recording. For example, my wife wanted to view the live TV guide to record another program, so I exited the live recording. Then I returned to the live recording just a few minutes later, and the replay started from the beginning instead of where I left off.

In a previously recorded show, there is a resume functionality that allows me to pickup where I left off. This feature doesn’t seem to be implemented for live recording.

Which device are you using? It does work for me for live recordings, at least in Chrome.

Roku 2 (2015 model), tablo is a 4 tuner. Also, using the Tablo Preview app.