Watching others Tablo recording

Is it possible to watch a Tablo recording (saved on external hard drive) from another person if I plug their external drive into my Tablo? They are able to receive a broadcast channel I am unable to receive. Wanted to watch the recording if possible to switch out external hard drives.

No. There’s a combination of things. The internal DB (which is part of the Tablo) and the data (from the supplied storage drive).

Thanks for the information. I sorta of thought that might be the case.

If the Tablo folks ever get around to offering remote access via id/password then your friend could share those credentials with you and you could watch their recorded content. No idea when/if it will happen.

an alternative would be for your friend to use one of the many rippers available and put the file on a platform for you to view, Plex is one such platform.

:poop: because the method they describe makes it kinda sound dirty