Watching on two devices at the same time?

I have the 2 tuner tablo model. My understanding is that I should be able to watch two live channels on different devices at the same time?
I have no HDD connected to the Tablo so no recordings scheduled keeping both tuners free.
When I connect with my iPhone and then connect my iPad , the iPhone stream would drop.
This happens every time when I try to have two devices connected at the same time. The 1st device would stop streaming.

It’s important to note that both devices are connecting outside of the home network via Tablo connect. I’m not sure if this has anything to do with it or not.

Does anyone has any experience with streaming to two devices at the same time?

Thank you.

To stream Live TV on 2 devices at the same time aka using both tuners you need a USB HDD connected to the Tablo. The 2 streams are cached on the HDD.

What theuser86 said - you need a HDD to tune two channels. Without a HDD you can only tune one channel at a time, but you can stream that channel to several devices simultaneously.

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Ah! thanks everyone I’ll give that a try and see if it solved the issue.

I’m confused, if there’s no HD, what does the one tuner/channel buffer to?

There is internal storage in the Tablo - it is where the Tablo database is stored.

So does it buffer the standard 12 seconds or so of video/audio?

My understanding is if there is a HDD connected to the Tablo the buffer is stored on the HDD. Hence why you can time shift a Live TV channel for a few hours.

I guess my point/question would be - if no HDD is connected, would channel surfing be faster going between different channels if there’s no buffering going on to the drive? Obviously, pausing and recording wouldn’t work but just curious.

No the delay between changing channels is a real time delay because the Tablo creates a 10 second long buffer before streaming. 10 seconds is 10 seconds regardless of what drive you are storing the buffer on. A faster drive is not going to allow you to time travel into the future.

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