Watching live TV on 2+ devices in home not working

My wife and I tried to watch 2 different channels from the Tablo. We were both using iPad minis.
While my wife was watching one channel on her iPad I tried to watch another channel on my iPad what happened was her iPad would pause and then mine would play.
Tried it with mine playing first and the same thing happened when she would try and watch a channel.
Are we missing something in the settings for the Tablo? It’s a 4 receiver unit.
I was thinking we should be able to watch two different channels at the same time.

Yes, you should be able to watch 2 channels at the same time with no issues.

Is your Tablo connected wired or wi-fi?  If it is wired directly to the router, then this definitely should not be happening.  If it is connected via wi-fi, then you might have a bandwidth problem with your setup.  

Possible solutions:
1. Move your devices closer to the wifi router and see if that improves anything.
2. Change the quality setting to 720p or 720p(Chromecast/Roku)
3. Reboot the Tablo and router.

If 2 of the 4 tuners are not recording, you have 2 free and should work fine. Recorded shows would be available. If trying to watch a show while it is recording, I choose it from the on-going recording which just started. Both iPads should be watchable. Problems I have are with my Internet router, so I will reboot that and / or turn off my wifi settings on the iPad, reconnect to wifi and check the settings. Once the iPad syncs to the Tablo, you should be able to work with the screens. Give it another try without changing anything. Perhaps try the app and also Safari to see if it makes a difference. Update us on the results - working / still not working.

@een I’d agree (as usual) with @Snowcat. If you ran out of tuners, you’d receive a ‘no tuners available’ message. 

It doesn’t sound like this is the case - it sounds like a bandwidth problem. So, I’d mirror Snowcat’s suggestions. Are you using Wi-Fi or Ethernet, what’s your recording quality set to? Feel free to send me the details directly.

@TabloSupport, you forgot to use our great new graphic ;) 

@TabloTV @Snowcat D’oh! Prepare yourselves for huge over use of this meme going forward.

You don’t have to overdo it. Plus there are some really great contributors here. :)

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Just be glad your name/handle wasn’t something like “poopface” or “mudbutt”

Just be glad your name/handle wasn't something like "poopface" or "mudbutt"


Just be glad your name/handle wasn't something like "poopface" or "mudbutt"


I have the same problem with not being able to stream more than one live channel at a time (as it will knock the first device off and return it back to the live channel menu).  I’ve rebooted the Tablo/router, both Roku devices are wired on a 1Gbps switch so there shouldn’t be network issues so there shouldn’t be an issue… yet there is.

What gives? Chalk up yet another issue for this flaky device.

I’ve successfully watched three channels live while recording a fourth on a mix of Roku, tablets & phones. Never seen anything like this issue before.

Elsewhere it was found that the hard drive wasn’t being recognized and so only one tuner works then.