Watching live on Fire TV stick

I get no tuner available for adaptive playback using Fire TV stick. I then tried watching live on Android phone and it worked. I then tried _aching recordings using Fire TV stick and it worked.

Are you referring to watching TV remotely at a lower quality than full quality?

Yes. I am at a hotel in Louisiana. My Android app can watch any channel live but the Fire TV stick can NOT watch anything live but can watch recordings perfectly.

The exact error message is “Player Error No tuner / transcoder is available for remote adaptive bit rate playback”

I changed remote streaming quality to 750 to match my phone but that didn’t fix it.

Interesting - I’ve only used Tablo Connect with the remote streaming quality to “Full Quality” on the Fire TV. Can you try Full Quality?

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@beastman - Were you recording some other stuff? You’ll need a tuner to do playback of any content while you’re away from home and it sounds like you ran out of tuners.

Not recording anything and worked on my Galaxy S5. Talking with Max the only thing we can think of is the S5 had beta and Android stick is released version. We’ll see when I get home.

Thanks @theuser86 Full Quality WILL play live. Now the question is why not 750? I was in position 1 in the question and gave up after 10 minutes. I figured Max would see it here.

Tablo version for my Fire TV stick is 1.0.18. Is this the latest and if not how do I update it?

1.0.18 is what I have as well. It is from Apr 6.

There is a 1.0.21 Beta (July 29) that I’d imagine Tablo will release soon. It’s working well for me with the 2.2.3 Beta Tablo Firmware.

@beastman - Sorry, we were having issues with our phone system yesterday. I think you were able to touch base w/ us yesterday though.

While Full Quality does let me watch live, there is a LOT of buffering because of my upload Internet speed at home. That is why I was trying to use 750. Hopefully the beta version fixes the problem.

My Android Tablo app is set to 750 and it works. Only the Fire TV Stick won’t work with anything except Full Quality.

This is sounds very much like a bug with the Fire TV app when it comes to down sampling the video bitrate for remote viewing.

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I hope the new Fire TV app gets released soon or I get the beta. I’ll test the 750 rate and make sure it works. I can s et my phone as a hot spot and try Fire TV on my tv connected to my phones wifi.

@Chrisfix Will watching remote using 750 quality work or is it still Full Quality ONLY?

I ended up changing it back to 750 to watch a recording without buffering. Someone that has the beta PLEASE try watching remotely using a FireTV Stick watching LIVE. The released version only works remotely on Full Quality for watching LIVE and then it has LOTS of buffering. I changed it back to 750 to watch a recording and it worked.

Have you tried any of the higher bitrates? Say 1 Mbps or 1.5 Mbps?

I tried everything while on the phone with Max except audio only. ONLY Full Quality worked

Phone? I thought your issue was Tablo Connect on the Fire TV?