Watching active recording from the start using Web app on Mac


I understand that I am supposed to be able to watch program while it is recording. I.e. 20 minutes in, watch from the start. This seems to work from my iPhone but from Safari or Firefox on my Mac it does work. Even when given the opportunity to select resume or play from start, it just plays the live video. I attempted to watch it live on the computer while playing from the start on the iPhone and it just gave me “player errors” of 2 types, one not finding the file and the other an error about the file type. Once I stopped the browser player, I couldn’t get the iPhone to work correctly until I exited back to the main list of recorded programs and tried again. Then it played the recorded programs fine, but if I try to watch Live TV it doesn’t let me.

Also while watching live TV on the Mac I don’t have a 30 second rewind, but I do on the iPhone.

I have the latest Tablo software. I am recording two programs at the same time on a 2 tuner Tablo. Is this the cause?

I haven’t tested it myself, but what browser are you using?

Firefox and Safari. Mainly Safari but tested FF just in case it was a Safari issue.

I would test Chrome, everything works flawlessly on that.

The website was designed to be used in Chrome.

It does work with Chrome, but I don’t normally use Chrome. Chrome just crashed on me while trying to get it go to to full screen.

I tried Safari on a different Mac and had the same problem. I’d like to see this fixed, but what I’d really like is the Apple TV app.

@Atroz use there is some weird problem with playback using the normal url…

Thanks for the tip but I couldn’t see anything different about the behaviour of the beta site.

@Atroz try using Safari & the beta site.

That’s what I tried.

Did you also try the beta site with chrome as well?

@Atroz - We weren’t able to reproduce this here.

Can you provide some additional information on your OS and browser details?

OS: Mac OS X 10.11.2 Beta as well as 10.11.1.
Browser is Safari 9.0.2

I just started recording a program. Went to the “Recordings” and selected it. Hit the play button and it started live TV. Here’s an image of what I see on the bottom (note no rewind button).

No, the regular site worked fine with Chrome so I didn’t try it on the beta.