Watching a show live during recording

Behavior is not what I would expect. Programmed the Cowboys game (didn’t everybody??) to record. Scheduled for 5:30. So at 5:20 I went to Recordings to watch from the beginning. Nothing there. So to Live TV, which started at the 5:50 point. I would expect a recording show to be available under Recordings after as little as one minute is recorded, OK, maybe five, but twenty?

It finally showed up under Recordings at about 40 minutes in.

@oldmike - Was this on Roku or another platform?

I have the same experience from time to time, using Roku 3

@marvinm - FYI - Since Roku does not sync, you may need to exit that page, enter a different page and go back to recordings to load the latest & greatest.

Was on a Roku 3. I jumped between Live TV and Recordings a couple of times, so I guess that should have caused a refresh.

I posted this in another thread:

I just checked my Tablo, The Big Bang Theory is set to record from 7:30 PM to 8:00 PM. It started recording with the flashing red channel call sign "9-1 CFTO"in the Live TV guide. Then I went to Recordings, and the episode is now listed under recordings for me to start watching. That is all 1 minute after it started recording.