Watch Next feature not working

I have been trying to get the “Watch Next” feature to work on my Tablo. My Tablo is up to date on the firmware and any updates. I have several TV shows that I have recorded and would like to watch the next episode without having to go back to the recorded program listing and select the next episode. All of the shows are marked as not watched… the blue dot is next to the title of the show in the program listing. I click on Watch Next, the program starts and at the end of the show it goes back to the information screen of that show that was just watched and sits there… it does not go to the next show.
Any help would be appreciated.

The feature does not currently autoplay the next episode. When an episode finishes, it returns to the home screen for that series. You then have to click Watch Next again to start the next episode.

Thanks Stu… I guess I miss read the information way back when they introduced Watch Next… The way I took it was, click Watch next and after that show ends it goes to the next episode.

I went through my emails from Tablo and this is from 10/19/17
“On Tuesday, an update to the Tablo ROKU channel (v. 2.2.8) was published which adds a cool new shortcut for binge watchers called ‘Watch Next’. In the Recording details screen, ‘Watch Next’ will immediately start playback of the next unwatched episode in the selected series. This eliminates the need to scroll through the list of episodes when you’re just looking to get caught up with your favorite show.”

So what you are saying… TABLO lied!

1st they call it a ‘cool new shortcut’, they don’t say it’s ‘automatic’.
‘Watch Next’ will immediately start playback… but, you have to click the button.
It’s not a lie.
It’s a misunderstanding.

You mean it’s taken from 10/19/17 Tablo Roku channel 2.2.8 until 7/1/18 Tablo Roku channel 2.5.1, to discover it didn’t work as you expected or wanted?

No Zippy, it did not take me that long to discover it didn’t work… I didn’t have the time to post. it is not a high priority. I do have a life besides watching TV. thanks for your comment Zippy.

To me

What does “will immediately start playback of the next unwatched episode in the selected series” mean to you… to me it means it “will immediately start playback of the next unwatched episode in the selected series” Key worda in that sentence is IMMEDIATELY START PLAYBACK… nothing about automatically … if they meant to say it will not start automatically then they should have used those words and not immediately.
it is not a misunderstanding. I have asked 7 people their interpretation of that sentence and every single on of them agree with me.

I understand you’re passionate about this.
No need to use caps to shout.

You think they lied.
I disagree.