Watch B4 recording is finished?

I did a search, but didn’t get anything back, sorry if this has been asked/answered.

Can you start to watch a program that is being currently recorded by Tablo?  For instance, you record a football game, and about an hour into it, can you start the Tablo recording to watch it from the start?  Or do you have to wait for a recording to be totally finished b4 watching?

You bet. 

From the recordings screen you should be able to start playback a minute or so after start time.

Thanks for the quick response!  I missed getting a Tablo w/ the Newegg deal, so while I’m waiting for another, I thought I’d doublecheck features.

Thumbnails will not be available while it is still recording.

Thumbnails will not be available while it is still recording.

Yeah, kinda figured from reading other posts, but thanks!

Hi, I tried this today and it didn’t work for me. I set Tablo to record a football game. I got home one hour after the game started. I went to “recordings,” found it, and hit play. I was able to watch the first hour of the game, but when the recording reached the time at which I had come home – it went straight to live TV and I missed the one hour in between. In other words, I don’t think Tablo continued to record after I started to watch the recording.

Did I do something wrong? I have a 2-tuner Tablo, and was running this through an iPad Air 2, through Apple TV to my TV. I would love to know how to do this – there are a lot more football games this year.

Thank you!

See my response in your own thread.