Watch a scheduled recording while recording

When I watch a scheduled recording while recording it ends early but when I click on recording to watch again it is complete. Any work araound?

Are you watching the recording in progress from the Live TV grid or from the Recordings screen?

I will have to verify but I think from the recording or scheduled recordings page. I will try again later today.

Actually I am sure that it was not live tv because I wanted to watch a recording new show from the beginning and It had already started.

It’s not the behavior I’m seeing when I’m watching a recording in progress using the Windows 10 Tablo app. It doesn’t stop until the end of the program even though the recording has ended minutes earlier.

What streaming device are you using to watch the recording?

samsung tv app

So just to confirm, you’re watching a recording while it’s in progress, from the Recordings screen - and you receive an interruption before you’re finished watching it? Does the error message say anything? Has anyone else seen this behaviour?

For example, I click to watch a recording that has started. I see that 13 1/2 minutes are available in recording. As I watch when I get to 13 1/2 minutes even though the program has recorded say 10 more minutes. The program stops and I can no longer skip.
This happens on my Samsung smart TV. On the roku and on win10 it does not happen.

I have a Samsung TV, and here is what I am seeing. I set up a recording from 4:15 to 4:30 and then started watching it at 4:24 via the Recordings. 6 minutes into the recording, I could not FF, though I could keep playing and could also rewind.

When the recording finished, I could then rewind and fast forward like any other recording.

Yup. That is it. You can go back out to recordings and restart then back up to where you were and it will work as normal until you get to the “end” of that session. I hope the samsung app gets upgraded to fix this as well as add commercial skip. If it is a real problem I will just get another roku but I really like have a similar interface for all of my apps.