Want to Solar Power Tablo need help with Hard Drive

I want to solar power my Tablo at my antenna to keep the run distance of my cable to a minimum and signal loss to a minimum. I read a post on here where someone tested the Tablo with a kilowatt and it used 9 watts at rest and 1 more watt for each tuner active so I plan on using a 20000 amp power bank that could power my Tablo at night and charge during the day via solar panels. I will also use Tablo exporter to send the recorded programs to my NAS nightly over WIFI so the drive on the Tablo wouldn’t have to be large. I would like to know if a fast usb thumb drive would be better than a ssd for recording and power consumption.

Well I think you’ll be the first solar powered Tablo :wink:

Keep in mind that the Tablo should be powered at all times.

And please don’t use a thumb drive… Many are not fast enough nor were they designed for the read/write cycles required for DVRs.

Here’s our list of drive suggestions: https://www.tablotv.com/blog/tablo-usb-hard-drive-specifications-suggestions/